Recommended Product:  XCubeSAN 3226D, XCubeNAS 5008R

Recommended Feature:  Online performance monitoring, Thin provisioning, Replication

We are happy to get a mono vendor storage solution with high quality support but without any limitations on using compatible drives from other vendors.

Pavel Dyakov, Head of Support Team
Company Biography
The Russian company Velomotors, founded in 1996, manufactures and sells the latest generation of bikes and mototechnics. Velomotors runs a huge production plant and has branch offices in almost all regions of Russia. Currently Velomotors is the biggest manufacturer of bikes in Europe.

The Challenge
Because of growth of data base volume and increase in the number of online users there was a need to improve the existing IT infrastructure in terms of reliabily and redundancy. It was also necessary to improve the latency of the primary data base and ensure scalability in capacity and performance. Another important task was to create a centralized backup system. 

The Solution
QSAN XCubeSAN XS3226-D was chosen as the primary storage for VM cluster and our date base. XS3226-D is attached to servers via 10G iSCSI interface classical topology with two switches. As a result we eliminated possible points of failure thanks to double controllers, in/out ports and switches. The use of fast SFF drives provided both the required performance and a sufficient reserve for the future. High density design allowed to place all our drives in just 2 units. More than that we have plenty of free bays for further expansion. To organize centralized backup system we chose 2 units of XN5008R NAS from QSAN. This low cost model allows using LFF drives with high capacity capable of storing all backup copies. Two XN5008R units placed in different locations let us arrange bidirectional replication of data between them,which ensures higher reliability of the stored copies.

The Benefits
From Godwin's suggestion, the use of compatible drives in QSAN NAS saves investments. For the primary storage QSAN branded drives were chosen with the aim of getting complete support for the whole storage solution with NBD reaction. Built-in 10G iSCSI ports provide high speed access to the storage without extra costs.

About Godwin
Godwin specializes in supplying IT equipment and software to corporate customers in Russia. It focuses on quality and service helping customers to solve different tasks connected with development of their IT infrastructure and gaining more revenue using cutting edge technologies. Godwin also manufactures desktops, storage and server equipment. Godwin is a multi-vendor reseller providing its customers with the best solutions for particular tasks. As for storage systems Godwin has very positive experience with QSAN brand.