Recommended Product: XS5224D

Recommended Feature: High Performance

QSAN is offering us a flexible approach with storage but the XCubeSAN XS5224D never bends in front of IOPS

Jean-François Leroy, CTO Sharkhan
Company Biography
Sharkhan is a VAR and IT services provider. Competent in Windows, Mac, and Linux/UNIX OSes, serving architect firms, advertising agencies, and film production companies. We offer all IT services, from telephony to fiber Internet access, to hosting mail, web and application servers, as well as the overall maintenance of IT assets. We also host backup of our clients, both for current files and archives, this represents about 200 TB

The Challenge
Running Proxmox Cluster with 5 nodes, requires a fast IOPS on iSCSI 10 Gbps. With our expansion, we needed a reliable and high-performance storage system to meet our needs for our mail servers (around 500 emails) as well as for our web application servers (Photo Library and SaaS Data Publishing). 

The Solution
After many days, hours, coffees and comparing different solutions between all tier 1 storage systems, we have chosen QSAN for its price and performance ratio. The Proxmox server cluster and XS5224D are connected through 10GbE iSCSI network. Since XCubeSAN also provide active-active controllers, we use two switches.

The Advantages
The XCubeSAN is offering us an outstanding performance even with the rough system requirements Proxmox Cluster. No latency allowed!