QSAN Xccess
Xccess is a mobile App that built for XCubeNAS, using Xccess to connect to XCubeNAS, you can access to files, browse photos, listen to music and watch videos. Plus you can share everything by social media or email.

Now store everything to your XCubeNAS, with Xccess, you can access to important information rapidly. Always prepared at the crucial moment!
File Management
XCubeNAS is your cloud drive, get everything you want at anywhere through Xccess.

File Tag
Tag your file with a color. With colored tag, you can filter your files much more efficiently.
Media Streaming
Video on the go
XCubeNAS is a personal theater.
You can use Xccess to watch movie stored on XCubeNAS.

Music on the go
Save your favorite music songs on XCubeNAS.
Enjoy music on XCubeNAS whenever you need it.

Photos on the go
Take as many photos as you'd like, and keep them on XCubeNAS.
File Sharing
Share your thoughts. When you select one or many files to share, XCubeNAS creates a URL link for the files you want to share.

You can easily share the link via email or social media like facebook, weibo, and twitter.

Your friend and colleagues now can click the link to download the shared files.
Cross Platform
Runs on iOS and Android