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Qsan Showcases TrioNAS LX and AegisSAN LX for Boardcasting at IBC 2014

August  26 , 2016
IBC Europe, 11th September 2014 - Qsan Technology Inc, an expert of iSCSI and FC SAN systems for enterprises and SMBs, will today showcase the TrioNAS LX and AegisSAN LX for Broadcasting at IBC 2014. Qsan will be located at  7.E10 and will be providing information and demonstrations throughout the show.
TrioNAS LX features
TrioNAS LX U600, top of the TrioNAS LX range, features the integration of NAS and iSCSI SAN into 2U, 3U and 4U chassis along with the connection to Amazon S3 cloud storage and disaster recovery. In addition to snapshot, volume cloning and remote replication, the ZFS-based storage system is able to avoid data inconsistencies, detect silent data corruption and correct error on the fly, keeping stored data secured and sound. AegisSAN LX also features:
  • Volume cloning
  • Writable snapshot (Qsnap)
  • Remote replication (QReplica)
  •  N-way mirror
  • Online disk roaming
  • Instant volume restoration
TrioNAS LX also provides numerous superior resource-saving features including deduplication to eliminate duplicate repeating data, compression to reduce data size, thin provisioning to allocate capacity dynamically and also SSD caching for quick read/write speed as well as random I/O. TrioNAS is equipped with 80 Plus Platinum PSU to enhance energy efficiency to reduce energy consumption and save more money.
AegisSAN LX features
Qsan will also be providing demonstrations of the AegisSAN LX F600 system. Both products deliver great performance & efficiency for mid-range enterprise. The AegisSAN LX series is the cutting-edge SAN series comprising 10GbE/1GbE iSCSI SAN and 16Gb/8Gb Fibre Channel SAN.
AegisSAN LX has great expansion potential supporting up to 256 hard drives. With Qsan hardware offload engine(QiSOE/fcQiSOE), superior hardware configurations and further unique features, AegisSAN LX provides much higher IOPS and throughput than competing storage systems and delivers a leading price-performance ratio to allow enterprises and SMBs worldwide to enhance their IT infrastructure efficiency.
"Qsan has long since established itself as a major player in the enterprise market and across many vertical sectors," said Daniel Lin, sales director at Qsan. "This step into the SMB space is a great one for us and for our customers, who will be able to organise and manage their IT infrastructures with minimum effort and stress."
About Qsan
Founded in 2004, Qsan Technology Inc is the specialist providing a complete product line of network storage including iSCSI SAN, Fibre Channel SAN & Unified Storage for worldwide enterprises and small and medium-sized business (SMB). Qsan products deliver the best price-performance value to help budget-constrained customers greatly enhance the efficiency in the working environment.
Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Qsan storage expertise specializes in flexible production capability. Qsan has a clear go-to-market strategy that revolves around distribution partners in the European tier-1 markets, the United States and the Greater China Region. Based on the vision of "making data smart," Qsan's technology aims at making business data smart enough to be always available under any unexpected circumstances, efficient enough not to waste any IT investment, and allowing easy retrieval during the whole ILM (information lifecycle management) process. For more information, please visit www.qsan.com