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Qsan releases QSM2.0 providing optimized enterprise level NAS management solution

September  11 , 2016
Taipei, Taiwan, August 28, 2015 – Qsan® Technology, Inc. today announced the release of QSM2.0, the optimized NAS operating system that enhances file integration and data protection management. QSM 2.0 provides many enterprise storage functions to help users easily consolidate file servers, increase storage efficiency and productivity as well as ensure business continuity with high availability.

“Qsan keeps developing a user friendly and centralized management system to improve IT management efficiency,” said JP Chen, General Manager of Qsan, adding “QSM2.0 supports SMB protocol for the better integration with Windows Server 2012 and enhances its friendly web user interface. QSM2.0 makes IT administrators manage medium to large IT centers or data centers more smoothly.”

The OSM2.0 OS:
  • Delivers reliable and powerful ZFS file system function to provide the best scalability and highest efficiency to manage storage space and to support Hybrid storage and SSD caching as well.
  • Supports thin provisioning, deduplication, and compression functions are designed to cram more juices out of the same storage space to increase more consolidation and utilization rate. Overall, it can achieve 3x times storage efficiency.
  • Consolidates servers to integrate SMB(CIFS), NFS, AFP, FTP, and webDAV network protocols. Heterogeneous hosts such as Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac can put their files on Qsan NAS storage as a centralized depot for convenient file exchange.
  • Integrates Windows Active Directory service and Windows ACL function. Users can easy deploy TrioNAS system into Windows working environment. Both local user accounts and domain user accounts can co-exist to allow the maximum flexibility and easy management.
To learn more about QSM2.0, please visit http://newweb.qsancloud.net/en/software.php?no=2B2A3C5C