What's New in Firmware 1.3.0
In every generation of firmware, SANOS continues to evolve and advance on the enterprise features, user-friendly interface design, and performance improvement. In this newer version, firmware 1.3.0, we support SED (Self-Encrypting Drive) and ISE (Instant Secure Erase) drive, provides RAID EE technology, and a feature of enabling/disabling S.M.A.R.T. polling …etc. The most important feature is to enhance the security of vulnerability scanning, it can avoid the malware that attackers use to penetrate your storage network.
SED & ISE Drives Support
Every day, thousands of disk drives leave data centers as old systems are retired. But what if all those disk drives had been automatically and transparently encrypting that data, enabling it to be instantly and securely erased? SED comprehensively resolve these issues, making encryption for drive retirement both easy and affordable.

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RAID EE Technology
Given the potential for failure on each disk drive, the more disk drives contain in a disk group, the more possibility of cumulative failure increase, so there is an upper limit on the quantity of disk drives in a disk group. Compared with the previous factors, the increasing impact of the disk drive capacity on the rebuild speed has become the primary factor. Such a long rebuild time is apparently not acceptable to any user. To solve the problems of traditional RAID, we implement RAID EE technology.

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And More...
Besides, there are lots of enhancements for WebUI displays and operations. Fore more information, please refer to the firmware 1.3.0 release note and the XCubeSAN SANOS 4.0 User’s Manual.