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Qsan Launches New AegisSAN LX F630Q 16G FC Model

January  28 , 2016
16G Fibre Channel SAN Doubles Performance and Accelerates Transaction Rates for AegisSAN LX Arrays

Taipei, Taiwan, 28th January 2014 - Qsan Technology Inc, the specialist manufacturer of SAN and unified storage solutions, today announced the launch of the F630Q model from its prestigious AegisSAN LXproduct family. Built upon the powerful Intel Xeon platform, the new F630Q model is performance-boosted by the latest 16G Fibre Channel (FC) technology to offer outstanding IOPS, three times faster than before, and with throughput increases of up to 15% so that enterprises can benefit from much faster transaction rates.
To deliver outstanding IOPS and throughput for applications such as databases, video editing, broadcasting and highly-virtualised environments, the AegisSAN LX F630Q features new fcQiSOE (Qsan FC hardware offload engine) technology which increases IOPs speed threefold.
“Hard disk drive technology continues to evolve however, in the overall data environment, there are still many other network nodes that offset the speed increase. 16G FC doubles the bandwidth of the array from 8G FC models to unleash the potential of a multi-core CPU and SSD-driven applications, and that’s where the AegisSAN LX F630Q is derived from,” said Bartek Mytnik, EMEA sales manager at Qsan. “Qsan leads in delivering solutions for performance-hungry applications and services and the new model is launched in response to the constantly increasing demand for faster bandwidth and higher throughput. With the 16G FC host connectivity, fcQiSOE hardware offload engine and superior platform, AegisSAN LX F630Q is an ideal addition to the AegisSAN range.”
Featuring two 16G FC ports plus two 1GbE iSCSI ports compatible with existing 4G and 8G FC, the AegisSAN LX F630Q series provides dual active controllers, cutting-edge hardware configurations, fully modular components as well as state-of-the-art built-in software feature sets. Its hardware RAID and multiple paths designs plus the redundant modules offer high availability for mission-critical applications. AegisSAN LX F630Q supports both SATA and SAS drives and has 4U 24-bay, 3U 16-bay and 2U 12-Bay form factor options.
Qsan’s Fibre Channel SAN products are also built with customers’ future needs in mind, beginning with excellent scalability. They support up to 256 drives to ensure users can seamlessly add drives as their storage requirements grow.
The AegisSAN LX F630Q provides built-in QReplica 2.0 for remote replication. Compared to its predecessor, this new generation of Qsan’s disaster recovery technology offers more replication ports, better connectivity and handles more tasks per controller and includes a traffic-scheduling shaper function to plan the amount of bandwidth the application uses at any time.
The AegisSAN LX F630Q system supports comprehensive virtualisation technologies including VMware VAAI, Citrix and Hyper-V. In addition, it has plenty of value add-ons such as writable snapshot (QSnap) and battery backup module (BBM).
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