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Qsan AegisSAN LX F600Q Systems Help L’eco della Stampa to Greatly Increase Database Performance

May  20 , 2016
Taipei, Taiwan, 20 May 2013- L’eco della Stampa is one of the most important players in the media monitoring since 1901. Located in Milan, Italy, it generates over 20 million euro in revenue each year and has over 230 employees. 24 hours a day thousands of newspapers, periodicals, radio, TV and websites are monitored by professionals from L’eco della Stampa and the results are transformed into indispensable daily reports to support its customers’ business communications. Due to the very frequent read/write of the database and the ever-growing storage volume, L’eco della Stampa considers investing in new storage systems. After detailed analysis of available solutions it decides to adopt Qsan’s AegisSAN LX F600Q-D316 fibre channel systems plus J300Q JBOD enclosures.

“The biggest benefit of AegisSAN LX F600Q is the increased IOPS!” said the IT administrator at L’eco della Stampa. Daniel Lin, sales director at Qsan added, “AegisSAN LX F600Q features dual active controller and 8Gb fibre ports and two GbE ports per controller. With proprietary technologies, excellent computing power and the frame-lossless characteristics of fibre channel, it delivers amazingly outstanding throughput and IOPS and is indeed a perfect match for database and I/O intensive applications for L’eco della Stampa, solving the original performance bottleneck.”

“Also, AegisSAN LX F600Q provides superb scalability with expansion enclosure J300Q and the maximum capacity can be further expanded to 192 drives for the growing media database of L’eco della Stampa,” said Daniel Lin.

L’eco della Stampa implements hundreds of virtual machines on the storage systems to optimize the efficiency of the infrastructure. AegisSAN LX F600Q provide comprehensive supports of the virtualization technologies including the latest VMware vSphere 5 and VAAI (vStorage APIs for Array Integration) to ensure  improved performance, superior scalability and better agility in the highly virtualized environments.

For better data protection, the top-notch fibre channel disk array offers copy-on-write snapshot, remote replication, and BBM (battery backup module) features. AegisSAN LX F600Q also features multiple paths and load balancing features such as MPIO, MC/S, Trunking, and LACP to better guarantee the reliability and a robust storage environment for L’eco della Stampa.

AegisSAN LX F600Q system is available now from the company’s network of reseller partners. For more details please visit here.

One of the key European operators in the media monitoring industry

The performance is the most critical criteria for the media database and the increased IOPS is the top priority to L’eco della Stampa. Scalability is also a major concern.

AegisSAN LX F600Q dual controller fibre channel systems delivers high bandwidth, excellent performance (IOPS & throughput), great scalability and 24*7 availability

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