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XCubeNAS XN3004T; the Enterprise-level NAS system for data back-up and share Logo
When you consider that this NAS is for SMB companies, I can say that those simple steps for building the device are amazingly easy and simple. All you need to do for building XN3004T is to turn on the power and connect LAN cable.
High performance NAS, QSAN XN5000 series Logo
In my opinion, QSAN’s XN5004T, which has high usability and scalability, is very useful and user-friendly NAS system with strong data protection and reliability. Personally, the part that I mostly get impressed with XN5004T was that I could edit media fil
XCubeNAS - NAS for Corporate Logo
A competent approach in the implementation of the protection of stored data and the provision of secure access to it will make it possible to use this product as a reliable device for storing user files and backups, and also as a backup (and in some cases
QSAN XCubeNAS XN3002T - a new player on the market of small NAS (a glance) Logo
PC Lab
XCubeNAS XN3002T is therefore a solution for small businesses than home. It provides the highest level of security of stored data and appropriate tools for easy backup of these data from the discs of computers working in the network.
QSAN XN5004T What is different about enterprise class NAS? Logo
Explore the QSAN XN5004T enterprise class NAS. Deduplication, WORM features, SSD cache, Thunderbolt 3, and 10GbE extensions
QSAN XCubeNAS XN5004T Logo
Channel City
QSAN storage as a competitor to Tier 1 brands Logo
Performance is at a fairly high level. And technical support meets the expectations of working with Enterprise products.
QSAN XCubeNAS XN5004T NAS Review Logo
QSAN has really brought a lot to the table with the XCubeNAS XN5004T; there is quite a bit of hardware and functionality packed inside a pretty small footprint. With features that place this unit at home in a small office, the XN5004T is ready to get down
QSAN XCube XN3002T NAS review: Classy, clean, and fast—but better suited to the enterprise Logo
Pulling the QSAN’s XCube XN3002T out of its box, I was immediately impressed with its get-down-to-business-in-style good looks. I figured if it even came close to matching the performance of similar Synology and QNAP products, it would be a winner. It did
QSAN NAS 리뷰 (XN3002T ) Logo
SMB NAS system's market leader in the storage industry, QSAN Technology's XCubeNAS has the greatest stability and WORM technology. The most cost effective SMB NAS system featuring advanced enterprise-level functions.