The default username is ”admin”, and the password is “1234”.
Please press the reset button on the front panel, and the IP setting and password will be reset to factory setting.
Or we have the white paper you can download it on the Qsan partner portal to reset the password.
Please find the serial console cable in the accessories box, and connect the host to Qsan NAS console port with the console cable provided. The user can checks or changes the setting on the system via console interface. More information of serial console setup please see the white paper-How to use the serial console.
** For U1 series, there is only VGA output for displaying console messages.
Please shutdown the unit first and pull the U300 controller out of the chassis, then follow the U300series upgrade white paper that is downloadable from the Qsan Partner Portal to upgrade the U300-P10 unit to have 10G/FC frontend interfaces.
For the system stability, we only allow users to access the system with basic pre-definedCLI commands.
Qcentral is an utility developed by Qsan for management of multiple Qsan storage units within a single user interface. You may download the Qcentral utility from Qsan partner portal.
User can find the S/N on the WebUI as the follow, Dashboard => Device information => Serial number, or from the S/N label on the chassis.
No, you don't. Pre-installation is not needed for all Qsan NAS products. Simply install the unit and link to your client host, then login to webui via default IP address: to setup the unit if an DHCP IP didn't be given to the management port.
Yes, Qsan NAS products are designed to tolerate at least one PSU failure (for two PSUs system)/two PSUs failure (for three PSUs system) in the system. However running the system with one PSU for a long time is NOT recommended.If any PSU fails, please contact Qsan reseller for replacement as soon as possible.
The follows is the matrix of Qsan NAS product support disks:
  U1 U2 U3 U4 U6
SATA O O O O(with Mux board) O(with Mux board)