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Good Design Award
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The brand new Network Attached Storage unit provides excellent storage solutions for small and enterprising businesses to store their most valuable data. It provides a variety of scales and applications for users to build their data storage infrastructure easily in any office environment. The inlayed black bands on the gunmetal gray cleverly integrate all enterprise storage functions, while keeping it simple and elegant to soften the impression of a typical storage device. Designed around the precepts of "form follow function" and "minimalist design", the result is a sleek, appealing body that will blend seamlessly into any environment.
IT PRO (United Kingdom) Feb, 2016
IT PRO (United Kingdom) Feb, 2016 Logo
Spectacular value; Heaps of network storage services. Qsan’s TrioNAS U120 could be what small businesses looking for affordable network storage have been waiting for. It’s easy to deploy and manage, is packed with data-protection features, and costs hundreds of pounds less than the competition.
IT PRO (United Kingdom) Oct, 2015
IT PRO (United Kingdom) Oct, 2015 Logo
Q500-P20-D424 got the highest five-star award by IT PRO.  It also has dual active controllers and fast transparent failover at a price the blue chips will have a tough job competing against. It's superb value. 
Simply Review Nov, 2015
Simply Review Nov, 2015 Logo
On review we have the U300-P20-C424 model which provides NAS and IP SAN services, is 10GbE enabled, has 24 hot-swap disk bays plus a big expansion potential and yet has a starting price of a shade over $5,000.
IT PRO (United Kingdom) Oct, 2015
IT PRO (United Kingdom) Oct, 2015 Logo
Top value; Excellent performance; Big expansion potential; SAS/SATA support; Integral snapshots included.
Simply Reviews June, 2015
Simply Reviews June, 2015 Logo
Qsan has a well-deserved reputation for delivering high availability network storage that’s priced right for SMBs.
IT Pro (United Kingdom) May, 2015
IT Pro (United Kingdom)  May, 2015 Logo
Excellent value; Dual active/active controllers; Very fast failover; NAS and IP SAN support; Good performance
IT Professional (Poland) May, 2015
IT Professional (Poland) May, 2015 Logo
TrioNAS LX U300 received high scores in the test published in issue 5/2015 of the monthly "IT Professional"
IT Pro (United Kingdom) November, 2014
IT Pro (United Kingdom)  November, 2014 Logo
Top value; Plenty of storage features as standard; Massive capacity; High expansion potential. 
IT Pro (United Kingdom) March, 2014
IT Pro (United Kingdom)  March, 2014 Logo
Qsan’s AegisSAN Q500-P20 appliance delivers an affordable 10-Gigabit IP SAN solution to SMBs.